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Artist: Dominic Myatt

Dominic Myatt

Dominic Myatt is a London based artist and tattooist scrawling contorted bodies, anguished faces, distended limbs and weeping sores with the warped freedom and startling immediacy only drawing can provide. As contemporary as his expanding body of work is, its exploration of the space between sexual fantasy vs its reality, pleasure and the abject is one that ‘degenerate’ philosophers and psychoanalytic thinkers have pondered on for centuries. Since his time at Goldsmiths College in London, Myatt’s work has taken various inspiration from the classically-structured erotic novellas of the Marquis De Sade as well as renegade Surrealist Georges Bataille’s enigmatic musings on eroticism and its connections with death and sacrifice. His most recent book '(no kissing)' was purchased by the Tate for their archive and explored mens anonymous erotic ads posted online.



More Dominic Myatt coming soon

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