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Artist: Jenifer Corker

Jenifer Corker

Corker originally graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic with a BA in Fashion & Textiles and subsequently went on to achieve an MA in Metalwork & Jewellery from The Royal College of Art. Jenifer Corker has consistently pushed the boundaries of conventionally rendered fashion illustration, opting to use a sewing machine to free-hand sew her illustrations on to calico and silk organza, creating a controlled energy in her pieces. In response to the original design, the artist creates a new, one-of-a-kind artefact, entirely beautiful in its new form. The tactile nature to Corker’s work is important as it becomes almost a tangible version of the fashion she’s depicting itself, by focusing on the textural elements of the clothing and by the way she consciously chooses a new direction of a stitch, it pays particular attention to the cut and silhouette of a garment. Corker's work has been featured in many of SHOWstudio's exhibitions and events; Illustrating McQueen, A Beautiful Darkness, StyleShootDraw, Drawing on Style in collaboration with Gray MCA, Moving Kate and Fashion Flora.



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