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SHOWcabinet: Iris van Herpen

SHOWcabinet: Iris van Herpen

SHOWcabinet: Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen's SHOWcabinet presented a world where time dissolves and disciplines intertwine. Van Herpen's collaborative approach to her couture has resulted in collections that defy categorisation. In her work, fashion, science, art and technology are not separate subjects, but flow from a single source. The water dress, which formed the centre piece of the installation and was made during a 7 day live broadcast at SHOWstudio, depicts the fleeting moment of a splash wrapping itself around the body in a wearable garment. Inspired by an actual splash on Daphne Guinness recorded on high speed camera by Nick Knight, van Herpen sculpted her creation from pet G plastic and mimicked the patterns created by the natural movement of the water. In previous collections, van Herpen has embraced new technologies such as 3D printing and laser sintering, and her name has become synonymous with interdisciplinary and collaborative design.

Accompanying her work in the cabinet, was art works which make the same leaps to break down the divisions between disciplines. The artists included are informed by art history, science and nature equally and present works created through meticulous and repetitive crafts. They find their inspiration in natural wonders- spirals, skeletons, waves and wings, where science and art collide.

The artists featured included Iris van Herpen, Nick Knight, Geoffrey Lillemon, Salvador Breed, Kris Kuksi, Tobias Klein, Michael Hansmeyer, Kate MccGwire, Philip Treacy, Jordan Askill, Isaie Bloch, Heaven Tanudiredja and Irene Bussemaker.

Special thanks to Proportion London, Piper Heidsieck and Vivitek



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