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Artist: Stephen Doherty

Stephen Doherty

Stephen Doherty is an artist who works primarily in graphic media: pencil, crayon, and watercolour, creating portraits with a contemporary edge. In his first series called 'Sauna Faces', Doherty has created a series of illustrated characters whom he imagines as a mixture of regulars/one offs, or first timers at 'The Sauna'. While some are based on people he has met, others are constructs of what Doherty imagines must be commonly shared feelings among Sauna-goers. Lonely, lovelorn, unlucky, messed-up, his drawings trace the lines of psychological tragedy and desire that overspread the faces of men who are constantly looking, and being looked at, on the prowl, yet unmistakably vulnerable and lost. Stephen Doherty lives and work in London.



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