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Artist: Rob Unett

Rob Unett

Rob Unett is a UK based artist and image maker. With over 20 years of experience in fashion and art he divides his time between academic teaching and creative direction, and his personal practice. Described as bold and brave, Rob works instinctively, drawing upon memories, researching subjects and the immediate world around him in order to create. Sex, gender, a pose, a gesture, movement, confusion, power and pain, destruction and construction, all feature in the abstracted figures Rob depicts. His surfaces are soaked with media, swallowing arrays of colour and subjected to delicate lines, rhythmic washes, violent slashes, smears, tears or bleeds. Rob has been featured in numerous publications and journals, in group exhibitions and events. He continues to take part in new projects, collaborative opportunities, community and out - reach ventures in order to form and inform his work and teachings.



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