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Artist: Jacky Blue

Jacky Blue

Jacky Marshall, known as Jacky Blue, is an illustrator and designer well known in the fashion industry for her innovative use of colour and ability to turn simple line work into striking silhouettes. Informed by her tenured experience as a designer, she creates bold and feminine compositions. Originally from Kent, England, Jacky Blue earned her Masters from the Royal College of Art and moved to New York to work on the design teams for brands including Calvin Klein, Narciso Rodriguez and Donna Karan. After brands began asking to feature her design illustrations as prints in their collections, Blue decided to transition to illustrating full time in 2017. Shortly after founding her illustration studio, she quickly gained notoriety on Instagram. Her work has been exhibited multiple times at the Fashion Illustration Gallery in London and featured by Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Blue is currently based in New York City.



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