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Artist: Carylann Loeppky

Carylann Loeppky

Carylann Loeppky is a Vancouver-based contemporary painter who has gained a critical and cult following for her striking portraits and figurative work. Loeppky began her creative career in the fashion industry styling the underground club and independent music scene. Later, her innovative graphic aesthetic landed her a job creating album art for an influential Vancouver music label. In her current art practice, Loeppky creates eccentric portraits of people – mostly young females, in elaborate outfits and ornamental features - that have a classical yet contemporary steampunk style. Her work has been described as 'macabre fairytales' - dark scenes of party-goers living on the edge of decadence. For Loeppky, her figures inhabit 'a private realm of their own mystery – a fractured, dreamlike perception of space existing outside of time'. Recently exhibited in solo shows in Montreal, New York and Los Angeles, Loeppky's work was also featured in a rare exhibition among the architectural splendours in Croatia's historic 14th century Kastil Bancovic. Loeppky works as a full-time artist from her studio in Vancouver's gritty eastside warehouse district.



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